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blanche - 5% vol
bitter 1/4
straw colour


Fresh and floral, with wheat from Tuscan evolutionary populations and lemon zest.
Wander, to discover new things. Errante is produced with ancient Tuscan varieties of soft wheat, which have adapted to our environment for centuries. It is fresh and drinkable and reminds us that Errare means, at the same time, wandering and making mistakes. For us, Errare is the best way to discover our surroundings. That's why it is
dedicated to Error professionals, who cultivate their tragicomic approach to life with rigor and discipline.


Errante is naturally GLUTEN FREE, but she doesn't miss anything ;)

On the label a Tuscan Don Quixote and a Sancho, on an Etruscan horse and mule, respectively, go through the hills of San Gimignano

ERRANTE blanche

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