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Brewing beer like a pilgrim

Pilgrims travel at the slow pace of their steps and in balance with their surroundings.


Likewise, for our beers we respect natural rhythms and use organic raw materials from a short supply chain.

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Each of our beers, with its inspiration, label and name, is a tribute to a certain way of walking or travelling, to a certain state of mind that accompanies the pilgrim,  to a way of discovering the world.



As a famous poem says, there is no mapped out path, with directions to follow. The road is discovered along the way, and the same goes for our journey.


But we have very clear objectives: 

making well-made beers, with high quality ingredients,

which are at the same time highly drinkable beers and suitable for everyone.

After all, a beer is still a beer.

We started in 2013, among the first fully ORGANIC certified breweries, and experimenting with ancient Tuscan grains, that are local wheat varieties with exceptional organoleptic characteristics.

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Then we started a series of projects to bring the brewery closer to the field, like the one on EVOLVING POPULATIONS.

In short: instead of sowing a single variety of wheat, more than 2000 are sown on the same field. This enormous biodiversity leads to a great resistance and resilience, to cope with climatic conditions, parasites and weeds, also requiring less intervention from the outside. The field itself selects the most suitable varieties for the season, while the less suitable ones remain dormant and ready to come into play when the environment conditions require them. 

It is a first big step towards the production of cereals that express their terroir.

We try to bring this terroir to the brewery. To do this, we started working on the concept of Umwelt.


The Umwelt is the set of relationships and mutual influences that a living organism has with the external world.

The ingredients, the materials, the Stories, the people and their paths are the most important relationships that affect the brewery, understood as a living organism.


And so the project Cantina Errante was born, in which we experiment with barriques, terracotta, fresh ancient fruits, wild herbs and spontaneous fermentations.

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