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bruin - 6% vol
bitter 1/4
ruby colour


Complex, but not complicated... Like the history of natural evolution. With notes of strawberry grapes, plum, cola, cocoa

inspiration: Detour celebrates deviations from the marked path, changes of plan and the art of creative disobedience. Pilgrims normally follow arrows to reach their destination. But only by choosing new paths is it possible to discover new things. Just like he does
natural evolution.

Detour is inspired by certain Flemish beers from the early 1900s, which in turn were inspired by the English bitters of the time. The label is taken from the film Aguirre Wrath of God, by W. Herzog. The Spanish conquistador and the little monkey are so alike, having a common ancestor, but also so different, that they almost no longer recognize each other.

DETOUR bruin

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