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NIKULAS of Munkathvera
tripel - 8.5% vol
bitter 2/4
golden color

33 cl format


Safe and comforting like a raft in the middle of a storm. With flavors of quince, apricot, fresh yeast and mandarin


Nikulas was a pilgrim - navigator: he left Iceland in the 12th century, crossed Scandinavia, descended into Valdelsa, passing right where our brewery now stands, and arrived in Rome, where he was ordained Abbot of Munkathvera. His journey then continued in the Mediterranean, up to the Holy Land, before returning to the Ocean of Home.


Our Nikulas is a beer for the daredevils, who are not afraid to follow the difficult but right routes. On the label we imagined our Nikulas, on a night of crescent moon, letting himself be transported southwards, by the waves and the stars.

NIKULAS tripel

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