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ipa - 5% vol
bitter 4/4
golden color

Hops! as per overseas tradition. A labyrinth of scents: mango, grapefruit, gooseberry, cardamom...

Rome is the end of all roads, including the Via Francigena, and for this reason it has been a symbol of welcome and tolerance for millennia. But Rome is also the starting point of the return journey home, assuming you really want to undertake it. The road to Rome is like a Roman labyrinth: it is impossible to get lost, as long as you don't hesitate.

Our Roma is also GLUTEN FREE, but it doesn't lack anything ;)

On the label a Roman labyrinth, on a square plan. There is only one way, you can't go wrong. Or maybe yes? The only thing is to dive in and try

ROMA ipa

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